Wildlife Services

Team Tempco is proud to announce the recent addition of our Wildlife Management Division!

Services include a complete array of safe and effective baiting, trapping and removal services for nuisance wildlife such as armadillos, raccoons and possums. Additional services include rodent baiting and exclusions as well as bee removal.

This new division is just a natural extension of Tempco’s pest control services. When we learned that a number of our clients were experiencing issues with nuisance wildlife on their property, we decided to expand our service menu in an effort to meet all of their pest control needs.

Wildlife that enters a home can cause serious damage and require thousands of dollars in repairs, especially in attics. These unwelcome visitors can chew wiring, destroy insulation and destroy air conditioning duct systems – and so much more! If you’ve seen droppings, heard noises or noticed other signs of damage, you may have an “unwelcome visitor.” So, don’t delay, call Tempco today!