Seasonal Alert


 Florida's sub-tropical climate is very appealing to year-round and seasonal residents. Unfortunately, it is also creates an ideal enivronment for many pests!

While identification and treatment is best handled by Tempco's trained professionals, this quick-reference may prove to be a handy resource when speaking with one of our team members:


Area Alert


Collier County / Fort Myers Beach / Sanibel / Pine Island

ZIKA Alert
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 Tampa Bay / Lakeland / Polk County

Pharaoh Ants:
This insect nests by the 10's of thousands. They forage for water, soaps, and proteins in your home. Special care needs to be taken in the control of this insect. They communicate by touch and through pheromones.
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We love Florida!  Sub-Tropical Climes with just a hint of Winter.  Our other neighbors love Florida as well.  Here in Southwest Florida we enjoy a changing of seasons.  Below is a timeline of what to expect.  Please call with any questions: