Why Tempco

There are many pest control companies to choose from...so why Tempco?

Effective: At Tempco, we customize our pest control and lawn treatment applications to meet your specific needs. This knowledge and attention to detail ensures results...guaranteed!

Environmentally-Friendly: At Tempco, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is more than an industry catch phrase, it is our philosophy. Following IPM guidelines, our skilled technicians take preventative methods and use alternative, natural treatments to reduce chemical use and increase "green" applications whenever possible. The safety of your family, employees and pets is paramount.    

Efficient: At Temcpo, we know your time is valuable. With regular perimeter treatments, we rarely need to re-enter your home or office after the initial interior treatment. Once the pests are out, we work to keep them out!  

Experienced: At Tempco, we focus on employee training and retention. This results in an expert team of experienced technicians and office staff members dedicated to meeting, or exceeding, your expectations.  

Engaged: Tempco is  locally owned and operated so our owners are actively involved in the company's day-to-day operations. This personal, hands-on approach helps ensure effective results and excellent service. As an added benefit, our owners and employees have a vested interest in, and understanding of, the local marketplace. In addition, Tempco is a proud member of the Florida Pest Management Association, Association of Certified Pest Control Operators and the National Pest Control Association. Our involvement in these professional associations helps keep us abreast of industry trends and issues so we can better serve you.