I have heard white-footed ants are a relatively new pest here in Southwest Florida. Should I be concerned?
Yes, white-footed ants are a major issue in Florida. They originated in Japan and were first discovered in Homestead, Florida in 1986. It is believed that they are being transported in on nursery plants and sod. Although they do not bite, they are a nuisance. It is not uncommon to have tens of thousands of white-footed ants in a home. Fortunately, you can count on Tempco Pest Control to provide a safe and highly effective treatment which will help rid your home of white-footed ants -- and keep them away.
Crab grass is taking over my Floratam yard. What can I do to get my yard looking its best?
Unfortunately, Asolux, the one chemical proven to eradicate crab grass without killing Floratam, was taken off the market several years ago. While some other chemicals and remedies claim to eradicate crab grass without harming Floratam, they have had mixed results at best. Examples include applying cinnamon or baking soda as well as some brand name chemicals. The only way to rid your yard of crab grass is to kill it with a non-selective week killer and then re-sod. Crab grass is an aquatic weed so areas that retain water due to poor drainage or over-irrigation are highly susceptible. Cooler temperatures and the resulting frost can help control the spread of this weed, however, our balmy temperatures here in Southwest Florida keep frost at bay most of the year.
What is the white webbing I see on my hibiscus plants? It seems like the leafs are shriveling up.
What you are describing sounds like the work of a new pest invading Southwest Florida, the pink mealy bug. Though hibiscus are prime targets, they are just one of many plants being affected. The University of Florida, in conjunction with the State of Florida, is releasing wasps to help combat the pink mealy bug. It is important to note that once a plant's leaves have been affected their appearance cannot be changed until new growth begins. Although no chemical controls are 100% effective, Tempco's trained team of professionals has found moderate success through the application of a combination of contact and systemic insecticides. This strategy helps to fight the insect from the outside of the plant to the inside.
I have bombed my house for fleas but they seem to be getting worse, not better. What should I do?
Flea infestation is common in homes with pets such as cats and dogs. While bombing may provide temporary relief, long-term effective results are best achieved by a professional pest company, such as Tempco Pest Control. We will analyze the situation, treat it accordingly and advise you on steps to take to prevent future outbreaks. We use family and pet-friendly insecticides as well as insect growth regulators, which is basically birth control for fleas. If an infestation is severe, typically a second, and possibly third application, may be required to rid the home of fleas because eggs stay dormant and may hatch a week or so after the initial treatment.