Lawn Treatment

Your home is one of your largest investments and protecting it begins at the curb…with your lawn.  A well-maintained lawn needs proper irrigation along with effective pest control and nutrition programs. Tempco’s lawn programs begin with the soil and end with a beautiful green lawn and healthy plants and trees. Count on us to identify your lawn’s needs and customize the perfect formula to get it green and keep it green!  

Tempco strives to use naturally-based products and was “green” long before it became a buzz word. As an environmentally-minded organization, we are committed to water conservation as well as the reduction of harmful nutrient pollutants and run off.  In addition, all of Tempco’s skilled technicians are state licensed and Florida BMP Certified in each municipality we service. 

Our subtropical environment is usually considered a benefit but, when it comes to pests, it can sometimes be a negative. We offer four effective and affordable lawn treatment programs designed to help you protect your piece of paradise and meet your budget:

·         Bronze – Our Bronze program covers all of the basics. Insect Control, Weed Control and Basic Turf nutrition. If you have a good handle on the rules and regulations of proper Fertilization, this program is for you.

·         Silver – Our Silver program includes all the above plus, lawn and plant fertilization. With this program we follow the rules so you don’t have to. We protect your lawn and plants against insects. We also apply a generous amount Nutrition to keep your turf green and plants blooming and healthy.

·         Gold – Our Gold program includes all of the above plus, preventative applications of insecticide for grubs, caterpillars, chinch, mole crickets and other seasonal insects that can cause massive damage within a short period of time. We also include our proprietary soil conditioning treatment, which will reduce turf irrigation and pay for itself over time.

·         Platinum – Our Platinum service covers everything from front to back and side to side. We treat and care for everything; turf, plants, palm trees, trees, potted plants and trellises. Anything that grows under the sun, we will protect it and feed it. (This is our most popular program with Lawn Contractors and Landscape Professionals)

If you would rather get out enjoy paradise than tend to it, call or e-mail Tempco today for a free, no-obligation lawn assessment and proposal.

 If you are ready to go fishing, golfing or just lounge by the pool we are just a phone call away. Call Today! We provide no obligation lawn assessments and proposals!

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