Interior and Exterior Treatments

With just one initial interior treatment featuring the strategic application of primarily natural-based products by skilled technicians, Tempco’s environmentally-sensitive Premier Plan is both people- and pet-friendly.

The initial interior treatment consists of dusting key locations with naturally-based diatomaceous earth and chrysanthemum extract. Since bathrooms and kitchens are prime insect harborages, baits are strategically placed in out of the way locations in these rooms for added protection. When necessary, growth regulators also are applied in harborage areas to sterilize insects preventing reproduction and recurring outbreaks.

After the initial interior treatment, Tempco returns on a bi-monthly basis to perform exterior perimeter inspections and treatments. We create and maintain a 10-foot barrier around the outer perimeter of a structure by applying a clear-drying liquid or granular insecticide. Application sites include shrubbery and plant beds as well as openings such as windows, doorways and porches. Since most pests come from outdoors, this keeps new insects at bay. As a courtesy, Tempco also sweeps cobwebs and mud daubers from treatment areas.

Tempco guarantees the elimination of perimeter invaders such as roaches, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and even the white-footed ant. In the unlikely event that these insects reappear, we will promptly return to re-treat at no additional charge.

Home & Other STructures

Tempco Pest Control also offers a full range of turf and plant treatments to keep your entire yard green and healthy. Our skilled technicians conduct a customized analysis, design a program tailored to your individual needs and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the efficient and even application of product to targeted areas.