Termite Control

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites attack over four million homes each year with damages totaling an estimated $5Billion annually. This is more than floods, fires and hurricanes combined.  To make matters worse, homeowner's insurance policies do not typically cover termite damage.  Tempco specializes in termite inspections and treatments using top-quality products such as Termidor, Premise 75 and Exterra Baiting System.  Trust Tempco to help prevent or treat termite infestation.

Think You Have Termites?

While identifying termites is best left to the experts, here are some tell-tale signs you may notice:

~ Flying swarms in spring and autumn with two pairs of wings that are the same size

~ Mud tubes (small gray/brown cylinders ranging from a diameter that is as small as a pencil to larger than your fist)

~Droppings that are tear shaped and have the consistency of sand (drywood termites)

~Wood baseboards that are soft

When in doubt, Call us out!  We provide No Cost Evaluations and
Estimates for Termite Remediation and SubterraneanTermite Warranties