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Attic restoration and TAP Insulation

Let the Magic of Attic Restoration begin!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just wave a magic wand and you could have a complete attic restoration with Thermal, Acoustic, Pest-Resistant insulation? Well, we don’t promise a magic wand, but our techs feel like magicians sometimes when they transform an old musty, pest-infested attic with no real insulation to a brand-new fresh space with the best insulation available.

Often when our techs inspect an attic, they find an animal intrusion that can be covered by insurance. If that animal is anything but a rat, you may have hit the attic restoration lottery! Many insurance plans cover non-rat animal intrusions and damage caused by raccoons, bats, squirrels, and birds. But how do you get the insurance to cover this? Our Tempco team knows what the insurance company needs to approve a claim and will gather that for homeowners to submit. From taking photos of droppings and damage to supplying the necessary cost estimates, our team makes it easy for you to submit your claim. 

After Inspecting The Attic

Our techs find critter entry points and seal them off to avoid re-entry. Then, all old insulation is removed.  Often, our techs find 40 plus-year-old pink insulation sheets that are completely thinned out due to age. This insulation does nothing for keeping your home warm or cool or reducing outside noise. In fact, it often also harbors insects such as ants and roaches and provides a warm, safe place for mamma rats to nest.

Tempco Techs using TAP in an attic during attic restoration

Once The Insulation Is Removed

Once the pink insulation is removed, Tempco techs thoroughly clean and sanitize the attic to get rid of any residual habitat smells that could attract future unwanted visitors. Then, TAP insulation is blown in and the magic begins. The attic is magically (disclaimer – it’s actually not magic, but don’t tell our techs) with fluffy white pest-resistant insulation that lowers heating and cooling bills and instantly reduces outside noise. This is especially important in areas near airports or common flight patterns. Customers notice a significant change in their home’s temperature and humidity whether it’s in the summer and the house remains cooler much longer in the day, or if it’s in the winter and minimal heating allows for cozy days and nights. 

Can My Attic Restoration Be Covered By Insurance?

It’s great if this is covered by insurance, but even if it’s not, the investment in your home will last for many years, saving you money on energy bills and equipment wear and tear, while making your home more comfortable every day. Our techs are happy to come out for a free estimate and evaluation. We have many thrilled customers who will share their positive experiences.  And, if you happen to hear one of our techs say, “Abracadabra!” Just humor them. They feel like they are making magic and for some homeowners, that’s exactly how it feels to them too! 

Scott Harding

Vice President Scott Harding is the co-owner of Tempco Pest Control, Inc. He is responsible for field operations, quality control and training. Scott studied history at Western Illinois University and has over 30 years of pest control experience. A proud veteran, he served in the SeaBees Naval Combat Construction Battalion followed by six years in the reserves. Scott holds Florida Certified Operators Licenses in Pest Control, Rodent Control, Lawn Care and Termite Control. A Florida resident since 1985, Scott hails from Illinois and is a die-hard Cubs and Bears fan. His interests include playing Roy Hobbs competitive baseball, fishing and golf.