Help! I’m on FIRE!!

If you’ve lived in Florida and not gotten attacked by fire ants yet, consider yourself very lucky. But don’t get too comfortable. An unsuspecting walk outdoors, a misplaced step from a car into a grassy parking space, or a comfy seat on the cool grass could result in a very painful, very quick, and very…

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Honeydew Gets a Whole New Meaning, Whiteflies

Whitefly on a leaf where whiteflies left white residue

Whiteflies are getting ready to make their marks, literally, on our trees and shrubs.  Whiteflies feast on more than 60 types of trees and shrubs and lay eggs in a white lacy pattern on the underside of the leaf. In the young stage, the insect feeds on the plant’s fluids with piercing mouthparts. It sucks…

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The Mighty Termite, Termighty

Close Up of a Termite Worker

When we hear the word termite, our minds go to a variety of bad scenarios – damaged wood, rotted floorboards, tents, costly repairs. Let’s face it, nobody likes termites. Well, except for maybe ants. Ants are natural predators to termites, so if you have an active termite colony, there’s a good chance, you have happy…

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What’s in your attic?

Tempco Pest Control team finished restoring an attic.

This is the time of year that many of us visit an area of our homes we really don’t enjoy going into. The Attic Let’s face it. Nobody looks forward to ascending those stairs into an unbelievably hot attic. Storage space in most Florida homes is pretty limited, so holiday decorations are often tucked away…

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