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Close Up of a Termite Worker

The Mighty Termite, Termighty

When We Hear The Word Termite Our minds go to a variety of bad scenarios – damaged wood, rotted floorboards, tents, costly repairs. Let’s face it, nobody likes termites. Well, except for maybe ants. Ants are natural predators to termites, so if you have an active termite colony, there’s a good chance, you have happy…
Tempco Pest Control team finished restoring an attic.

What’s in your attic?

This is the time of year that many of us visit an area of our homes we really don’t enjoy going into. The Attic Let’s face it. Nobody looks forward to ascending those stairs into an unbelievably hot attic. Storage space in most Florida homes is pretty limited, so holiday decorations are often tucked away…
Large brown patches on a lawn next to a house.

Autumn Lawn problems

Is that grubby grass or is there a fungus among us? Finding out could be a chinch. As we start to emerge from the rainy season, our lawns may be a bit worse for wear. Tempco’s lawn maintenance and fertilizer team is hard at work this time of year analyzing and treating several lawn problems…