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Take Your Home OFF Their Menu

There are many types of termites you may see this time of year, and they may be harmless. Or, they could be a sign of potential colonization.

To Trim Or Not To Trim, That Is The Question

Native trees, especially most palm trees, remained standing after Hurricane Ian. Should I trim the remaining palm trees?

Stop the Buzzing

You hear the high-pitched buzzing of a mosquito start right next to your ear, so you do what seems logical - smack yourself in the ear. Hard.
Millipede squat on floor cement

What ARE those annoying things in my entryway?

Millipedes kind of look like worms, but they have legs – a lot of them. Kind of sort of like a caterpillar, but not fuzzy at all.

Formosan Subterranean Termite ALERT

Formosan termites thrive in moist, warm climates, like southern portion of the United States, like Florida.
dead yellow grass and healthy green grass

Grass is greener on the other side…of dry season

We are in a strange time of year, stuck right between rainy season and dry season when Florida lawns are subject to extreme weather.
Andrew Ryan

Meet Andrew Ryan, Your Tempco Tech

I like making a personal connection and having the chance to understand my client’s concerns. It’s nice to put a name and address to a face.
Mark Stahl

Meet Mark Stahl, Your Tempco Tech

Mark Stahl recommends homeowners look for signs of termite frass and other bug droppings. Frass looks like sawdust and is gritty like sand.
World Rat Day

World Rat Day 2022

Rats can be pests that cause massive destruction in attics, pantries, and closets, but Lotto was different. Rats can be more than just pests.
Bryan, Territory Manager and On-site Mechanic

Meet James “Bryan” Singleton, Your Tempco Tech

Bryan says his most challenging yard issues are cinch bug and fungus as they both require a lot of maintenance.
Tempco Techs using TAP in an attic during attic restoration

Attic restoration and TAP Insulation

Our inspections for attic restoration often find critter entry points that can be covered by your insurance.
Patryk Jablonski, Lawn and Ornamental Technician

Meet  Patryk Jablonski, Your Tempco Tech

Patryk stresses the importance of proper irrigation which is critical to lawn care. A lack of water can kill a lawn but, so can overwatering.
Daniel Phelps, Daniel Phelps, General Household Pest Technician

Meet Daniel Phelps, Your Tempco Tech

Daniel Phelps, General Household Pest Technician says minimizing clutter inside your home greatly reduces the likelihood of pest issues.
A brown rat

You Dirty Rat!

Telltale signs of rats in your home are rodent poop, chewed-up wrapping paper, photos, insulation and wires, and holes in food containers.
Josue Gonzalez, lawn care and ornamental specialist

Meet Josue Gonzalez, Your Tempco Tech

Josue Gonzalez is a Lawn, and Ornamental Technician. His name is pronounced ho-sway. He is the go-to for fixing your and improving your lawn.
Dogs Yes Fleas No

How to take the Bite out of Fleas

There are many DIY over-the-counter flea treatments available but, we’re finding that fleas have built up a resistance to these treatments.
Bill Bock

Meet Bill Bock, Your Tempco Tech

Bill Bock Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Bill started working for Tempco in 2018 and has been serving customers with a smile ever since. Bill is a Marine Corp. veteran, Corporal E4 who received special recognition as Meritorious Corporal in Afghanistan. He was a member of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines who were involved in providing…
Tempco Tenderness Toward Existence Day

Tenderness Toward Existence

Eco-friendly and Pet-friendly Pest Control Solutions I love animals and our environment and have committed to preserve our natural resources to the best of my ability both professionally and personally. My wife, daughter and I recently moved into an historic home once owned by Dr. George W. Tyrell, a great friend of Thomas Edison, who’s…
Grass treated and untreated by Hydretain

Grass Shouldn’t Be Crunchy!

Tempco’s new Water Management System may be the elixir your lawn and grass desperately needs in the dry winter months.
Raccoon in an attic before tempco pest control does rodent removal and attic restoration

Critters in the Attic

Depending on the type of critter that comes into your home, your insurance may cover a full attic restoration.
Cartoon ants, mouse and cockroach having a turkey together

Attic Restoration – Entertain Guests, Not Pests

Attic restoration is our most requested service this time of year because you can find signs of rats, raccoons, and opossums in your attic.
ghost ants crawling across the screen

Ghost Ants Are The Ghosts With The Most

Ghost ants are opaque or transparent like a ghosts, very difficult to see. They are small and love tiny cracks and crevices of your home.
Crazy Ant

Let’s Go Crazy

Crazy ants are tiny and scurry around eating anything from live and dead insects to fruits, plants and your open box of Captain Crunch.

Help! I’m on FIRE!!

If you’ve lived in Florida and not gotten attacked by fire ants yet, consider yourself very lucky. But don’t get too comfortable.
A lawn's green grass with a brown patch on it

Summer Lawns in Florida – Is the grass greener on the other side?

Lawns are affected by many factors and summertime weather is one of the most challenging for keeping lawns and shrubs healthy.
Whitefly on a leaf where whiteflies left white residue

Honeydew Gets a Whole New Meaning, Whiteflies

Whiteflies are getting ready to make their marks, literally, on our trees and shrubs.  Whiteflies feast on more than 60 types of trees and shrubs and lay eggs in a white lacy pattern on the underside of the leaf. In the young stage, the insect feeds on the plant’s fluids with piercing mouthparts. It sucks…
A roach in the bathroom sink. Problem insects Tempco Pest Control of Fort Myers treat.

Sur-thrive-or – Roaches, the amazing pest that just doesn’t die

One would think that removing the head of a living creature like a roaches would be the end of said living creature. Like pretty close to immediately. Unless you’re a chicken. We all know about running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But what about a creature without a head that still…
Close Up of a Termite Worker

The Mighty Termite, Termighty

When we hear the word termite, our minds go to a variety of bad scenarios – damaged wood, rotted floorboards, tents, costly repairs. Let’s face it, nobody likes termites. Well, except for maybe ants. Ants are natural predators to termites, so if you have an active termite colony, there’s a good chance, you have happy…
Tempco Pest Control team finished restoring an attic.

What’s in your attic?

This is the time of year that many of us visit an area of our homes we really don’t enjoy going into. The Attic Let’s face it. Nobody looks forward to ascending those stairs into an unbelievably hot attic. Storage space in most Florida homes is pretty limited, so holiday decorations are often tucked away…
Large brown patches on a lawn next to a house.

Autumn Lawn problems

Is that grubby grass or is there a fungus among us? Finding out could be a chinch. As we start to emerge from the rainy season, our lawns may be a bit worse for wear. Tempco’s lawn maintenance and fertilizer team is hard at work this time of year analyzing and treating several lawn problems…