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Critters in the Attic

Holiday stories and poems often feature cute little mice all settled down for a long winter’s nap. That’s great in fairytales but not so great when they choose your attic for their nice warm dry place to sleep.  Because let’s face it, nobody wants rodents in their house.  This is the time of year that critters of all kinds are looking for a safe place to have their babies – why not your attic?

Depending on the type of critter that comes into your home, your insurance may cover a full attic restoration. Raccoons are famous for finding a safe habitat for their young. Our techs often find their droppings and that’s usually enough to get at least some coverage for damages incurred and replacement of insulation. 

The First Step Is Rodent Removal

For a full attic restoration, the first step is humanely removing/relocating the critter or critters, if still there. Once the critters have been evacuated, our techs search for entry/access points and seal them off to prevent critters from visiting in the future.  Then, we remove any existing insulation that has been affected. Next, the attic is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with DSV (disinfectant/sanitizer/virucide) to remove bacteria and viruses as well as any habitat odors that could entice future visitors. Lastly, our techs blow in TAP insulation. TAP stands for Thermal Acoustical, Pest Resistant – which means your heating and cooling bills will decrease, you won’t hear nearly as much airplane or outside traffic noise and it resists pests like ants, roaches, and silverfish.

Contact Us For Rodent Removal Today!

Critter removal is one of Tempco’s busiest divisions and we look forward to helping you keep your attic free from all those unwanted guests – even the cute furry ones that like to take long winters naps.

Michael Ryan

President Michael Ryan is the founder and co-owner of Tempco Pest Control, Inc. His primary responsibilities include financial oversight, strategic planning and operations. Michael earned a B.S. in marketing with a minor in political science from Florida Southern College in 1990. He has a banking and entrepreneurial background as well as over 20 years of pest control experience. Michael holds Florida Certified Operators Licenses in Pest Control, Rodent Control, Lawn Care and Termite Control and earned the designation of Associate Certified Entomologist. He is also a member of the Entomological Society of America as well as the Certified Pest Control Operators Association. A Florida resident since 1990, Michael’s interests include fishing, boating, ornamental horticulture and his 225-gallon salt water aquarium.