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Grass is greener on the other side…of dry season

We are in a strange time of year in Florida – stuck right between rainy season and dry season. Florida lawns are subject to some of the most extreme weather challenges in the country. During dry season, they either get too little water or they are over-watered to compensate for the lack of natural moisture. During the rainy season, lawns get more than their fair share of moisture which can cause fungus and browning. Faulty watering can weaken grass at its roots which makes it susceptible to a wide variety of pests like chinch bugs, grubs, and fungus. 

If a lawn is in distress, one of the first things our techs will check is whether or not the irrigation system is working properly. Since sprinklers usually go on in the middle of the night, many owners don’t realize their irrigation system isn’t working correctly until it’s too late and the sod is ruined. Conversely, when grass is saturated by natural rains in addition to scheduled irrigation, additional problems can occur that weaken the turf. 

Dead lawn grass

Dry season usually runs through April and begins to ramp up with normal rainfall toward the middle of May. This season, our area was well below normal in April, causing the annual brush fire season to look ominous. Then, the last two days of April solved that problem. Record-breaking rains flooded dry waterbeds and gave crucial water to the landscape. This type of unusual weather behavior makes it critical for homeowners to monitor their irrigation schedule and adjust as needed. It is important to note that overwatering is just as dangerous as underwatering when it comes to healthy lawns. 

If you have brown spots in your grass or if your lawn overall doesn’t look healthy, give us a call for a free lawn inspection. The problem might be a simple fungus or insect that can be treated easily. Our techs are trained to spot all types of lawn problems and will give you the best advice available to save your lawn and make it healthy and green heading into rainy season.

Bryan Singleton

Bryan’s lawn treatment and mechanical skills as our Territory Manager and On-site Mechanic are a real asset to Team Tempco for the past 28 years. Having our own on-site mechanic saves time and money, extends the life of our equipment, and increases our team’s efficiency. This is a win-win for us and our customers.