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How to take the Bite out of Fleas

Our pets are our best friends. No doubt about it. In fact, some may argue that the more they know people, the more they love their pets. But there is a pest that loves your pets even more. Fleas. Before I started with Tempco, I worked exclusively on flea removal and have learned many things through the years. 

We all know the telltale signs of pets scratching, flea dirt (nice name for poop) on their bellies or around their ears. But fleas aren’t too picky. Although they prefer to dine on those with four legs, they will munch on the ankles of just about any red-blooded two-legged mammal as well. If you’ve got red itchy welts around your ankles and have or used to have pets in your house, chances are, you’ve got a flea infestation. 

While there are many DIY over-the-counter flea treatments available, we’re finding that fleas have built up a resistance to these treatments. If you’ve tried to get rid of these very annoying pests and just can’t seem to get ahead of them, maybe we can help.  

How We Do It

When we are called for a flea infestation, we have a tried-and-true process that is environmentally friendly and pet-friendly and will solve your itchy annoying problem. 

Treat The Source

If you still have a pet at home, schedule a professional flea dip or bath at a groomer to get rid of all live fleas and eggs on your pet. This should be scheduled for the same time your house is being treated if possible. Your pets should also be on a flea program that is recommended from your vet.  Wash everything that regularly comes in contact with the pet including blankets, pillow cases, throw rugs. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!  Make sure to use a vacuum that has a bag so that you can throw it out after vacuum.

Treat The Environment

Our techs spray carpets, couches, chairs, pillows, pet beds and anywhere you tell us the pet frequently uses.  Once we treat, the area is safe for pets and people as soon as it dries thoroughly, which generally takes about an hour. You’ll want to keep off treated areas while they are wet, which is why we recommend groomer visits at the same time the house is being treated.   Vacuum , Vacuum, Vacuum!  Make sure to use a vacuum that has a bag so that you can throw it out after vacuum.

Retreat The Environment

Direct treatments will kill all live fleas but will not effectively kill flea eggs. We schedule a retreatment about one week to 10 days later. Once the eggs hatch, they are too small to reproduce, and we kill them before they come of age which kills the cycle.

Clean The Environment

In case you missed it… VACUUM! VACUUM! VACUUM!.  Even if you feel like you vacuumed enough – do it again. Then throw out that bag. Get the fleas, get the eggs, and get rid of them. 

The Extra Step

In addition to killing fleas, our formula also includes an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which is basically birth control for bugs. On the off chance that a flea survives the treatment, they will become sterile and will not be able to reproduce.

Let us know if we can help you with your flea problem. Your pets and itchy ankles will thank you! 

Scott Harding

Vice President Scott Harding is the co-owner of Tempco Pest Control, Inc. He is responsible for field operations, quality control and training. Scott studied history at Western Illinois University and has over 30 years of pest control experience. A proud veteran, he served in the SeaBees Naval Combat Construction Battalion followed by six years in the reserves. Scott holds Florida Certified Operators Licenses in Pest Control, Rodent Control, Lawn Care and Termite Control. A Florida resident since 1985, Scott hails from Illinois and is a die-hard Cubs and Bears fan. His interests include playing Roy Hobbs competitive baseball, fishing and golf.