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There are more than 20 species of ants in Florida, and some are more of a problem than others. Don't face your ant problem alone.

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Don't you hate it when...

Don’t you hate it when you pull out a loaf of bread or a jar of peanut butter to make a nice big peanut butter and jelly sandwich only to find that ants have gotten there first?

You have two choices – eat it anyway and enjoy the extra protein (not recommended) or say a couple of swear words and throw out that food that you bought with your hard-earned money.  Unless ants are paying you for eating at such a fine establishment, we’ll bet you’d prefer to show them the door and send them to someone else’s pantry. We’ve got you.

Tempco Pest Control has seen our share of ant infestations and our techs are experts at identifying, tracking down nests, and using the right treatment to get rid of these pesky pests.

Rainy season is when most of our customers see an influx of ants

Like other pests, they look for higher ground and find every convenient way to get into your house away from the water.

Additionally, rains promote plant growth which produces fresh food that is sweet to aphids. Ants love the nectar produced by aphids. Rapid plant growth also allows an abundance of leaves to touch the house and roof giving ants a perfect bridge to get into your home. 


There are more than 20 species of ants in Florida

Some ants are more of a problem than others to eliminate

Take big-headed ants for example.

This invasive species can overwhelm a native ant colony very quickly because big headed ants can have a large number of fertile queens producing an exponential number of offspring.

Pharaoh ants are also very problematic in our area with a similar ability to reproduce in huge numbers. These ants can be very difficult to treat because they typically nest in inaccessible areas. 

Pet and Family Friendly Pest Control

At Tempco Pest Control, we all have families and pets too that we don’t want to be exposed to annoying pests or harmful treatments.

That’s why we make it a priority to get rid of your pests in an environmentally-safe and pet-friendly way at an affordable price. For most homes, we can take care of your pests permanently for about $35/month.

Some of the Most Common Ants Tempco Techs Encounter

Here are 8 of the more than 20 species of ants in Florida


Big Headed Ants


Pharaoh Ants


White-footed Ants


Ghost Ants


Crazy Ants


Sugar Ants


Fire Ants


Carpenter Ants


The Tempco Promise

We promise to take all actions to eliminate your pests and give you the tools and knowledge to keep them away. We then treat outside your house perimeter every two months and if you ever see a live bug between treatments, we will come back at no charge to make sure any intrusions are stopped right away.

Each ant species has its own unique breeding and feeding characteristics and requires professional assistance to eliminate them

One of the challenges many people encounter in treating ants is the colony’s ability to recognize when they are being attacked – like with a can of over-the-counter ant spray. They immediately send a signal to the nest to “bud” or create additional colonies. Once this happens, you may end up with three or four times as many ants and the cycle continues each time they are sprayed.

Tempco Techs use a variety of methods to treat ants

Different ants are attracted to different baits and must be treated according to their habits. Our techs turn into their Sherlock Homes persona when tracking down nests and identifying species.

Some of the methods they use include

  • Identifying the proper species
  • Following ant trails to find entry points and seal them
  • Locating and destroying nests (frequently in attics) 
  • Baiting appropriately – different baits for different ants
  • Identifying outdoor ant problem areas and treating the perimeter to keep ants out
Sherlock HOMES

How We Do It

Tempco Pest Control typically uses a slow killing method to trick ants into bringing bait back to the nest and queen. These methods eliminate the ability for ants to recognize the attack. As a result, customers may see live ants for a week or so after initial treatment. This is normal and exactly what we want. As long as you see them after the treatment, they are bringing the bait back and slowly destroying their colonies. 

Here are some things you can do to prevent future ant infestations

  • Keep leaves and plants away from the exterior walls of your home.
  • Keep all food sealed tightly
  • Clean up any crumbs
  • Do not leave food exposed – especially proteins, grains, and oily foods

We guarantee our work

With a bi-monthly treatment, your bug-free home is guaranteed. If you find live bugs in the house, we will come back free-of-charge to treat.

Bug Free Guarantee
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