Energy Efficiency,
Pest Prevention
and Sanitation

  • Insulation: Save money and energy while deterring pests
  • Restoration: Remove evidence of wildlife infestations, clean and decontaminate
  • Restorations may be covered by insurance

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Why Do I Need Attic Restoration?

Attic restorations are most often conducted when a rodent or wildlife infestation is discovered. The main reason for restoration is to decontaminate the attic from residual toxins left from wildlife feces, urine and dander, which often create a strong odor and attract mites, parasites, maggots, flies, roaches, ants and other insects.

Tempco Pest Control Team started attic restoration with a large white hose.
Tempco pest control team restoring an attic.

Attic Pest Prevention

The secondary reason an attic restoration is conducted is for pest prevention and, as an added-bonus, enhanced energy efficiency. Some of Florida’s older homes still have original insulation that has lost most of its insulating abilities. Over time, it settles and loses its energy-efficiency. Add rats, mice, raccoons, opossums or other uninvited wildlife guests and your attic can be a major problem.

Attic Restoration May Be Covered By Insurance

If an animal moves into the home and causes damage, attic restorations may be covered by insurance.

Tempco Pest Control team finished restoring an attic.
Our Team Is

Fully Certified For

Trapping & Removal

We trap and remove existing nuisance wildlife.

Attic clean outs

After wildlife removal,  we remove and dispose of old insulation and animal feces; decontaminate the habitat (remove animal scent) to discourage re-infestation; treat and disinfect all wood.


We thoroughly clean and sanitize the attic.

Refresh Insulation Installation

We blow in the appropriate level of new insect-prevention insulation which will reduce or prevent future insect infestations and increase energy efficiency.

Seal Entry Points

We search for entry points and seal them to avoid future re-infestation.

Insurance Claim Preparation

We prepare your report to help you file for insurance where eligible.

Raving Fans



We've used Tempco for nearly 15 years. We started with our house and have gradually added the yard and rat traps. They have been great! On occasion, we've needed them to come out for a special issue and they are responsive, prompt and effective. They even helped a trapped hawk get out of our lanai when I was out of town, called me to let me know and sent me pictures. When we had them take over the lawn pest control contract, they met with the head of our lawn service, who we've also used for 15 years, to improve the way they were mowing and improved the look and health of our turf tremendously. All of the folks we have dealt with have been super!

The Somerset of Marco

Marco Island

We are grateful to Adam from Tempco Pest Control for their pest and fertilization program which contributed to The Somerset of Marco receiving the “Marco in Bloom” landscaping award for the condominium category.


Fort Myers

I've been using Tempco since I found out I had white footed ants about 10 years ago. They eliminated them without a trace. Since then, I've moved, had spiriling white fly, rats and roaches. They treat and the bugs go away. If ever a retreat is needed, they come at no extra cost. They've started caring for my lawn as well and do a wonderful job. They are also environmentally friendly, which was very important to us. The chemicals they use are not harmful to pets or other wildlife.


Fort Myers

This is a company to trust. I have been using this company for 8 months. I liked the no pressure service agreement. They are a family owned business, have years of experience and get the job done. You can tell from the the very first phone call that their customers come first. Highly recommend!

Florida Primates & Exotics

North Fort Myers

We've used Tempco for over ten years! They are so personable over the phone and in person. They make life easy! Best company ever!


Fort Myers

Great company, customer service is amazing along with the work performed. Staff extremely knowledgeable.

Richard Cohen

Property/Sales Manager, Hometown America/Southern Pines, Bonita Springs

I have had the pleasure of working with Tempco Pest Control at Southern Pines for over two decades. Tempco keeps our grounds green and healthy and offers our residents a wide array of affordable, quality services to meet all their pest control needs. It is great to work with a professional, full service company we can count on. With Tempco, one call does it all.



Tempco Pest Control has been handling our pest control spraying and management for more than 5 years, and this year took over our lawn spraying. As always, Gary Sawyer and his team keep our home free of unwanted guests of a critter nature, and now our lawn is greener and more lush than it has ever been. I highly recommend Tempco Pest Control and Spray Service for all of your home and lawn spraying needs.



I have been a customer of Tempco Pest Control for 12 years and could not be more satisfied with service and convenience. If I ever had a problem, Tempco was there promptly. I would highly recommend Tempco to anyone.

Michel Saadeh

President & CEO, Vineyards Development Corporation, Naples

For over seventeen years, Tempco has consistently delivered effective and environmentally-friendly pest control services both within the Vineyards community and at my personal residence. I have been particularly impressed with the degree of professionalism and attention to detail with which your services are rendered.


Fort Myers

We love Tempco. Our yard has never looked better. Our home is pest free!! Very knowledgeable technicians who are professional and helpful. Reasonable prices. Highly recommend!



The best pest control service we have ever used. Amazing price for their annual contract/service, always on time, super friendly, & they deal with every issue we have immediately. If you give them a try, you won't go anywhere else!


Fort Myers

Chris is amazing. He is knowledgeable, personable and dependable. I trust him totally. Tempco is lucky to have him!



We are very satisfied with Tempco. Since using their service we have had almost no issues with unwanted insects. The service is thorough, efficient, and done with always friendly techs. Have recommended them many times.


Vice President, San Rafael Home Owners Association, Naples

Thank you for your professional service. Highly recommend you to our communities. We had a rodent problem after Irma and thanks to Tempco, it’s disappeared.

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