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Tenderness Toward Existence

Eco-friendly and Pet-friendly Pest Control Solutions

I love animals and our environment and have committed to preserve our natural resources to the best of my ability both professionally and personally. My wife, daughter and I recently moved into an historic home once owned by Dr. George W. Tyrell, a great friend of Thomas Edison, who’s botanical peacock gardens were legendary for their beauty. We are committed to restoring the home and gardens to their former greatness and have even recently added new peacocks to our family. News reports show that Mina Edison herself used to visit Dr. Tyrell to add to her peacocks on the Edison Estate. 

Mom and son playing with their pet cat.

As part of our restoration process, we use the environmentally-friendly practices Tempco has become known for to both control pests and enhance the growth and abundance of the gardens. It may seem counter-intuitive to say that a company that kills pests is environmentally-friendly. In fact, a good friend of ours, who is now our customer, was hesitant to use any pest control because he feared rat or roach poisons could be ingested by birds or other wildlife and kill it. He wanted reassurance that although he wanted his white-footed ants gone, it wouldn’t be at the expense of the life of a bird. Once I explained the process, he signed up for our services. 

Here’s how it works 

Insect control

Nobody wants roaches and ants in their house. Over-the-counter sprays can be dangerous to your pets and family and unfortunately often don’t work. If you spray the bug, it will die, but many species send messages to the nest that they are under attack, triggering the colony to increase egg production. That’s why you may see an increase in bugs a week or so after you’ve sprayed. Our products are safe and control future infestations.

Tempco Tech checking for instects

Diatomaceaous Earth powder (DE Powder), which is kind of like microscopic blades. Insects walk across the DE Powder which splice their abdomens and eventually dehydrate and die. They may also bring the residue to the nest without sparking any alarms. DE Powder is safe to pets and the environment.

Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) effectively sterilize insects inhibiting future reproduction. You can call it Bug Birth Control. This product is harmless to pets and other wildlife. So if a lizard eats a roach and is in turn, eaten by a snake, which is then eaten by a hawk – nobody but the roach dies. 

Termite control (Subterranean)

Baiting System (Trelona) – Each bait station is strategically installed around the perimeter of your home.  Tunneling termites look for food and find the bait station. They then leave a pheromone trail for other termites to follow. Termites bring the bait back to the nest and share it with the colony.  The active ingredient prevents termites from molting which they need to survive and grow.  Over time, the colony is wiped out.  The bait station is in a protected canister that prevents other animals from getting it. 

rat eating food left on the table

Rat Control

Anticoagulants like cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).  Vitamin D3 is an active ingredient in many rodenticides. This rodenticide is basically a blood thinner that causes anticoagulation and is lethal to rats. To others, not so much. In fact, some doctors recommend its use as a supplement for humans. If another mammal ingested this toxin, it would have to consume nearly its bodyweight of the toxin to have any effect at all. On the off-chance a pet was to consume a significant amount of rodenticide that caused them to become ill, there is an antidote that can reverse any effects.  Vitamin K Therapy is a proven treatment for pets that veterinarians have successfully used to treat animals that have consumed large amounts of rat poison. 

Tempco Tenderness Toward Existence Day

Tenderness Toward Existence Day is January 19, but at Tempco Pest Control, we follow this philosophy in our practices every day.  If you have any questions about our environmentally or pet-friendly services, just ask any of our techs. Give us a call if you’re ready to get started. 

Michael Ryan

President Michael Ryan is the founder and co-owner of Tempco Pest Control, Inc. His primary responsibilities include financial oversight, strategic planning and operations. Michael earned a B.S. in marketing with a minor in political science from Florida Southern College in 1990. He has a banking and entrepreneurial background as well as over 20 years of pest control experience. Michael holds Florida Certified Operators Licenses in Pest Control, Rodent Control, Lawn Care and Termite Control and earned the designation of Associate Certified Entomologist. He is also a member of the Entomological Society of America as well as the Certified Pest Control Operators Association. A Florida resident since 1990, Michael’s interests include fishing, boating, ornamental horticulture and his 225-gallon salt water aquarium.