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Stop the Buzzing

Imagine this. You’re settling down for good night’s sleep. Just as you start to doze off, high-pitched buzzing starts right next to your ear. Of course, you do the only logical thing you can think of – you smack yourself in the ear. Hard. Then, you hear a little chuckle and the mosquito saying, “Nice try – but you didn’t get me!” Ok, well maybe you haven’t heard that last line, but you rarely get that mosquito – it will live to buzz your ear again. And again. And again.

Another least favorite summer activity happens when you are sitting outside enjoying the sunset but get driven inside by the painful stings of mosquitoes. You’ll know the difference between a biting mosquito and a no-see-um because you CAN see the mosquito the same time you feel the mosquito biting and when you smack the mosquito you end up with a bloody mess on your leg or arm or any other place on which she decides to feast.

You’ll notice, I called the bloodsucker a she. Only females seek blood after mating to get enough energy to produce eggs. They are attracted to carbon dioxide which is exhaled by humans. They’ll fly back and forth to find its source – that’s when you hear their wings beating… really, really, fast. This sound attracts males who often mate with the females in the air. Male mosquitoes mate many times during their life cycle until they die. Females on the other hand, store sperm for the rest of their lives, so they only mate once. But boy what a mating that is. They can fertilize tons of eggs over their lifespan. They can produce one batch of eggs for every blood meal they feast upon. That can be a lot of eggs. If the temperature is right, (82.4 degrees F), one female could produce one egg batch with about 200 eggs or more every day for seven days.

Mosquito bites adult hand made skin rash allergy with red spot

Mosquito bites adult hand made skin rash allergy with red spot

A regular mosquito sting can be itchy and annoying, but more troublesome are the diseases associated with some mosquito bites. Mosquito-spread diseases can include West Nile virus, Zika virus, yellow fever, St. Louis encephalitis, dengue virus, eastern equine encephalitis, chikungunya virus and heartworms in dogs. Female mosquitoes have been called the deadliest animal on the planet. The World Health Organization estimates that mosquito-borne illnesses kill 725,000 humans each year.

Never fear! Tempco is here! Our techs get to know each homeowner’s property and can identify potential breeding areas, as well as favorite hang-outs for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes lay eggs in still standing water, so literally any source of standing water outside is game for becoming a breeding area. Old tires, buckets, toys, etc. We create a customized treatment plan for your yard and needs. Each month, we will spray pesticide that immediately kills adult mosquitoes and acts as an insect growth regulator/larvicide to stop mosquito larvae from becoming mosquitoes.

Michael Ryan

President Michael Ryan is the founder and co-owner of Tempco Pest Control, Inc. His primary responsibilities include financial oversight, strategic planning and operations. Michael earned a B.S. in marketing with a minor in political science from Florida Southern College in 1990. He has a banking and entrepreneurial background as well as over 20 years of pest control experience. Michael holds Florida Certified Operators Licenses in Pest Control, Rodent Control, Lawn Care and Termite Control and earned the designation of Associate Certified Entomologist. He is also a member of the Entomological Society of America as well as the Certified Pest Control Operators Association. A Florida resident since 1990, Michael’s interests include fishing, boating, ornamental horticulture and his 225-gallon salt water aquarium.