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Most pest problems can be resolved easily with one of our popular pest packages:

Tier 1



Includes a full inspection, initial treatment of all common household insects inside the home, exterior perimeter treatment which will be done every two months, and free warranted re-treatments between visits if necessary. Billed every month.*

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Silver Package Insects


BUGS & Rodents

Includes all Bronze Package services plus placement of four rodent boxes. After the start-up cost for the boxes, we will monitor and replace bait as needed. Free warranted re-treatments between visits if necessary. Billed every month.*

Starting at
Tier 3



Includes everything in the Silver Package plus appropriate number of termite baiting stations. After start-up costs for bait stations, you own the stations. We will periodically check and replace bait as needed. We'll also check for signs of termites. As always, free warranted re-treatments between visits are included if necessary. Billed every month.*

Starting at

- Or -

*NO SURPRISES! Start-up costs may vary based on the level of infestation, but you will receive a free estimate before signing any agreement. The per month costs are based on an average 1,800 square-foot house.


Just because you live in Florida, doesn’t mean you have to share your home

Whether it be with ants, palmetto bugs, roaches, termites, rodents, or any other creepy crawler pests that make you uneasy.

There’s nothing like opening a cabinet and finding a giant roach looking at you… or an even bigger palmetto bug flying in your bedroom. How do you feel when you’re getting ready for a breakfast of champions only to find that ants have overtaken your box of crunchies? And who wants to hear the scurry of rodent feet overhead in the attic?

The answer is nobody. And don’t even get us started on fleas and flea bites...

Sherlock HOMES Syndrome

Our technicians are all pest experts with Sherlock HOMES Syndrome.

It’s one thing to just exterminate the pests you see. That’s never enough for Tempco Techs. Every pest problem is a mystery that requires thorough investigation. They won’t stop until they find the source of the infestation and stop it at its root. They will give you helpful advice about trimming trees or cleaning up hidden food supplies and crumbs, then they use the right treatment to rid you of pests and keep them away.

Sherlock HOMES

Pet and Family Friendly Pest Control

At Tempco Pest Control, we all have families and pets too that we don’t want to be exposed to annoying pests or harmful treatments.

That’s why we make it a priority to get rid of your pests in an environmentally-safe and pet-friendly way at an affordable price. For most homes, we can take care of your pests permanently for about $30/month.

When critters scurry

it’s time to reach out to Tempco Pest Control

Here are some common insects we treat.










Palmetto Bugs




The Tempco Promise

We promise to take all actions to eliminate your pests and give you the tools and knowledge to keep them away. We then treat outside your house perimeter every two months and if you ever see a live bug between treatments, we will come back at no charge to make sure any intrusions are stopped right away.

Our Treatment Process

We first conduct a home inspection to analyze the situation and prepare the program that fits your needs. Whether it’s ants, roaches, silverfish , palmetto bugs or some other pest, we will take the appropriate pet-friendly, family-friendly and environmentally-friendly approach to putting your pests to rest.

Interior Home Treatment

We treat wall voids such as outlets and vents with natural-based products – which are safe for pets and children. We then find and treat pests’ favorite hiding spots, like under sinks and cabinets. In some cases, we use a bait and monitor system to eliminate certain species.

Exterior Home Treatment

We create a barrier around your home that keeps news pests from entering. Once dry, our treatment can be walked-on by people or pets.

We guarantee our work

With a bi-monthly treatment, your bug-free home is guaranteed. If you find live bugs in the house, we will come back free-of-charge to treat.

Bug Free Guarantee
March 12, 2022

Honest easy to speak to about your pest problems

February 28, 2022

Excellent customer service and noticeable results. I use them for quarterly service at my home.

November 12, 2021

Great service.

August 30, 2021

Jose' is our pest specialist and he is great. He takes care if the inside and outside of our home.

June 25, 2021

Always doing a great job of keeping my home clear of pests.

June 19, 2021

Josh was great

June 15, 2021

Very responsive and helpful.

May 12, 2021

Staff very knowledgeable and really want to help...I would absolutely recommend this company for pest control...

February 25, 2021

We use Tempco for all of our pest issues. We have been using them for over 10 years, we moved from a different area and made sure we could still be their client. They are so responsive and knowledgeable, they treat you like you are a part of heir family! Don't go anywhere else, give them a call you won't regret it!!!

February 23, 2021

Great, everything was as they described and went very well Reasonable pricing, and friendly service person. Would recommend to anyone

January 9, 2021

Love them! Custom service is amazing, the technicians knowledge is unmatched! No hidden fees, no never knowing when they showed up or what they completed. Highly highly recommend them!

November 13, 2020

Get Tempco! They came to my condo in 2016. Did not need them again until last week! See you guys in 2024! Great Work!

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