Stop the Buzzing

You hear the high-pitched buzzing of a mosquito start right next to your ear, so you do what seems logical – smack yourself in the ear. Hard.

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You Dirty Rat!

A brown rat

Telltale signs of rats in your home are rodent poop, chewed-up wrapping paper, photos, insulation and wires, and holes in food containers.

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Meet Bill Bock, Your Tempco Tech

Bill Bock

Bill Bock Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Bill started working for Tempco in 2018 and has been serving customers with a smile ever since. Bill is a Marine Corp. veteran, Corporal E4 who received special recognition as Meritorious Corporal in Afghanistan. He was a member of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines who were involved in providing…

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Tenderness Toward Existence

Tempco Tenderness Toward Existence Day

Eco-friendly and Pet-friendly Pest Control Solutions I love animals and our environment and have committed to preserve our natural resources to the best of my ability both professionally and personally. My wife, daughter and I recently moved into an historic home once owned by Dr. George W. Tyrell, a great friend of Thomas Edison, who’s…

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